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Here at Mortgage Works our staff of IT Professionals are here to help . They are trained to help you overcome any technical challenge. Whether it's a network issue or how to be more efficient in the mortgage application you use everyday. What if you have a deadline to meet and your company files don't open? You call Mortgage Works! Our support staff can join your session and work with you over the phone to quickly resolve the situation. Understanding how the mortgage industry works is what separates us from the average IT consultant. Our goal is to help your operation be more productive.

Security and Data Backup
Mortgage Works servers are built to maintain the security and integrity of your data. Nightly backups protect against data loss while enterprise level antivirus, antispam, and antispyware software aim to protect it. Secure connections to your data are made via the internet using the highest level of encryption. These connections are available wherever and whenever you access the internet. Our machines take advantage of multiple hard drives and processors to protect against downtime and ensure that our systems are always available to provide high quality service. Additionally our data center has multiple data lines using the latest in Gigabit technology which come into a climate controlled environment protected by assorted alternate power sources creating a virtual fortress for your data.
Cost Savings
It's no secret that setting up a network is expensive. Purchasing a server is just the tip of the iceberg compounded by software, licensing, and setup costs which can add up quickly. For most companies the expense of buying a new computer for every employee can be overwhelming and the never ending list of software updates and backup solutions and security strategies can be exhausting. At Mortgage Works we provide access to our servers through a secure internet connection making you part of out network. This provides a powerful IT foundation by building on an existing infrastructure. We also offer significant cost savings for companies looking to expand their business.
The Benifits of Thin Clients
The network environment which is the core of Mortgage Works make possible the introduction of thin client technology. Thin clients are a low cost network workstation that can connect directly to our servers and interact with the system. They are less expensive to purchase and maintain than traditional computers. Because of their unique design, thin clients are impervious to virus and malware attacks insuring that your bandwidth is working for you. They combine simplicity and performance to give you an optimal environment.

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